Contract Circuit, offers an exact solution to critical contact management in Social and work based environments. Whether you are an individual, professional or an organization, contract circuit collects and organizes all your contacts that are scattered in your devices, accounts and/or applications in only one place. It is easily created by users themselves on a social or professional network and Contact Circuit helps users to gather and back up their contacts on one application in order to make it simpler and easier to manage.


Feel On offers an environmental and user-friendly solution to lighting systems that we use in our daily lives. The devices that are registered on to the Feel On system by the user are turned on and off when the user walks in and out of the room. This in return increases comfort for the user, decreases the amount spend on electricity and also stores data based on user’s needs and usage habits.


Point2Office creates an opportunity for offices to share their meeting rooms, study rooms and empty desks by renting them out for a reasonable price. In order for offices to rent out their rooms, all they need to do is to register to Point2Office, upload pictures of the office, set a price and put it up on the system. When in need of an office, it is fast and easy to rent the nearest office for a low price. It is also possible to pay online by installments.


To this day organizations still use conventional methods to operate their distributions in this precipitously evolving parcel market. This causes malfunctions in the operations which results in revenue loss. With the help of Trace It Up software, organizations can manage their distributions step by step coupled with a transparent customer experience. Trace it up software enables organizations to make strategic decisions through customer feedbacks and fix their operations.


Hepipet assigns guardian veterinarians online to pet owners. This helps to track pet’s health and care more consciously. Hepipet offers veterinarians Saas clinical management program to increase effectiveness of the process. Besides this Hepipet also offers fintech payment solutions.


Stilop is an AI style consultancy extension for the fashion e-commerce platforms to decrease return rates and increase sales. We enable clothing e-commerce platforms to offer their visitors a deepened personalization service. We primarily use the zero-party data provided by the users of e-commerce platforms such as body shape, budget, style, and items already owned to personalize the experience. Our ultimate goal is to be a trusted shopping assistant that offers a cross-platform seamless experience with login with Stilop function.


Komsu Pati, pre-evaluates people whether they want to register as a pet owner or caretaker. Aim of Komsu Pati is to develop a mutually beneficial platform for users. It creates a safe space for pet owners to find a caretaker that they can trust and helps pet lovers to make some income by taking care of pets. On top of this, Komsu Pati also integrated feedback interface on a mobile application, this makes it possible for pet owners to track the whole process visually, by text and by gps tracking system to eliminate the worrying process and make sure their pets are in good hands.